Did you know about maximum tool number...?


Do you know how to change your maximum tool number?

Different machines can hold a numerous amount of tools. However, the tool numbers can be an arbitrary number. You can have tools ranging from 1 to 7777. There is no limit to what number you call your tools.

Here’s how to change your maximum tool number:

  1. Start by opening your post processor in Quest;

  2. In the navigation panel, go to General Description > Registers;

  3. Locate the register responsible for Tool. You can find this by looking at the last column, Uses. The most common register for tool call-out is T.

  4. Inside the register window, change the Precision value to any number you need. This will increase the maximum amount of integers for that specific register;
    ie.: If your precision is 5, then you are able to have values up to 99999.
    Note: You can use the Test section to verify the output.

  5. Next, in the navigation panel, go to Machine Description > Tool Change;

  6. Change Question 100.00 to any number of tools you require. You can also put the maximum value limited by the number of integers of the register.
    i.e.: If your precision is 5, your maximum tool number can be up to 99999.